Biovet Vaccines

How should the Biovet vaccines be stored?

The vaccines should be stored at temperatures between 2ºC and 8ºC. In the case of any change in the temperature of the container where the vaccines are stored, contact Biovet Customer Service: 0800-556642 or

What is the correct way of administering the New-Vacin La Sota Vaccine in small breeds?

We recommend the administration of the vaccine New-Vacin La Sota of 100 doses in small layers and breeders. The flask of 100 doses should be diluted in 50 mL of mineral water, administering the dose of 0.5 mL through oral route per bird with the use of a graduated syringe without needle. The administration should be performed in birds with more than 7 days old and reinforcement can be after 60 to 90 days. It is important for the vaccination to be administered rapidly (in about 20 minutes).

What Vaccination Program is considered ideal for Poultry?

Many factors should be considered in the elaboration of a good vaccination program for a poultry farm in particular or in a poultry complex. To obtain complete effectiveness, the vaccines must be administered appropriately in healthy animals that should be kept in good environmental and handling conditions. The immune response can also be influenced by age and the immunological stage of the birds. The level of immunity necessary may vary depending on the handling practices and on the level of exposure of the birds. Therefore, the implementation of a periodic vaccination program may be necessary.