Biovet Vaccines

How should the Biovet vaccines be stored?

The vaccines should be stored at temperatures between 2ºC and 8ºC. In the case of any change in the temperature of the container where the vaccines are stored, contact Biovet Customer Service: 0800-556642 or

My dog is suffering from diarrhea, is sneezing, coughing and vomiting. Which vaccine should I use?

When the animal experiences any symptom of a possible disease, the Veterinary Doctor should be consulted in order for your pet to receive the necessary cares. This is because the vaccine has no curative effect but a preventive effect. For an animal to be vaccinated, it must be in good health, hence the importance of the Veterinary Doctor in the application of the vaccine.

How many doses of Imuno-Vet should be applied on an adult dog?

An adult dog that has never been vaccinated before should receive two doses of Imuno-Vet at an interval of 21 days. Just like puppies, the animal should be dewormed and must be in good health, hence the importance of the Veterinary Doctor in the application of the vaccine. The animal must be revaccinated annually.

My dog is pregnant, can I vaccinate it with Imuno-Vet ?

We do not recommend the application of the vaccine in this category because the pregnant animal may experience immunosupression, which may compromise the efficiency and the safety of the administered product.

PET Contraceptive

How to administer Preve-Gest (5 mg) to stop heat cycle in female cats?

Stopping the heat cycle in cats using Preve-Gest (5mg) must strictly observe the following protocol: as from the FIRST DAY OF THE HEAT CYCLE, 1 (one) tablet must be administered per day for 8 (eight) consecutive days for female cats of up to 5 kg. This treatment will prevent the ovulation in 98% of cats. For further information, contact us by phone: 0800 556642; or e-mail:

PET Product Line

I administered Amitraz 12.5% on the animal and then the animal experienced vomiting, tiredness, sleepiness, chills and salivation. What should I do?

Amitraz 12.5% has no antidote, symptomatic treatment is indicated.

Keep the animal hydrated and well fed, and in a ventilated place.

Bathe the animal to remove excess product used.

Consult a veterinary doctor