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Biovet Vaxxinova brand is launched with robust portfolio for animal health

The company announces new corporate identity to highlight the international strength, combined with local expertise, of its products for livestock, poultry, pig farming, aquaculture and pets.

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Vargem Grande Paulista/SP, July 16, 2018 – Biovet, which for 60 years has been a reference for innovation and quality in the animal health segment of Brazil and Latin America, and Vaxxinova, which has a unique international trajectory in the prevention of diseases in farming animals, join their success history in a new brand, Biovet Vaxxinova, whose slogan, from now on, is: Tradition driven by innovation.

The passion for science applied to animal health complements Biovet Vaxxinova brand, whose operations traditionally focus on people and customers. In this sense, the new logo incorporates the slightly organic traces of the green typography of the word "Biovet" to the golden color that becomes a common color in Biovet Vaxxinova logo.

Biovet Vaxxinova is thus distinguished by its international access and local expertise of its wide portfolio consisting of leading brands in its segments: Bio-Coccivet R® (Avian Coccidiosis Vaccine); Resguard Multi® (associated vaccine against clostridiosis); Vermivet® (broad-spectrum vermifuge for dogs and cats). The new corporate identity of the company further reinforces its pioneering spirit, based on continued investment on R&D in order to ensure innovation, modernity and technology for its customers.

Since February 2018, Biovet has been part of Vaxxinova group in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, which has operations in more than 50 countries, research centers, production and diagnostic units in Germany, United States, Italy, Norway, Japan in addition to Brazil. Vaxxinova is part of the family-owned company EW Group based in Germany.


Biovet Vaxxinova has its headquarters and production plants in Vargem Grande Paulista (SP), and research center and production plant in Ibiúna (SP). The investment in new knowledge and the continuous improvement of the infrastructure is part of Biovet Vaxxinova brand DNA. Because of this, among other differences, our industrial plants have the largest anti-rabies vaccine production laboratory in Brazil, the most modern laboratory for anti-foot-and-mouth disease vaccine production and the only laboratory for the production of anti-avian coccidiosis vaccines in Latin America. This ensures the development, manufacture and marketing of more than 100 products, subject to a rigorous quality assurance system, enabling veterinarians to have an arsenal available to act in the prevention or treatment of diseases that challenge different segments of animal farming such as livestock, poultry, pig farming, aquaculture and pets. This has been our trademark since 1957. Tradition driven by innovation.

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