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Tips for Correct Worming

Control of parasites

The worms represent a great danger to the health of cats and dogs. Some worms are of special importance, acting as causing agents of zoonoses, which is, many worms that affect cats and dogs also affect man.

Why deworm?

We deworm our animals to protect them from the infestation of intestinal worms (there are various types of worms, protozoa, flat, round).

The damage that a verminosis can cause to the health of the animal and the symptoms that the animal may experience will vary according to the type of parasite and the quantity present in the body.

Among the most common symptoms are pot belly, diarrhea, soft feces and with blood, lack of appetite, vomiting, anemia and fur problems.

At what time interval should I deworm?

Deworming should be periodical, performed at least from 3 to 3 months. However, it is important to consider several characteristics of your pet at the time of deworming, such as size (small, medium, large) and the species.

But remember:

Keep the environment always clean and consult the Veterinary Doctor of your trust to guide you in the prevention and treatment of parasites that affect cats and dogs.

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